Klondike Trappers

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Klondike Trappers

Year: 2015

Genre: Reality-TV, Adventure


“Klondike Trappers” follows a group of brave souls who are pursuing an ancient and dangerous way of life in the frozen wilderness that borders Alaska and Yukon. For these men, women and their families, winter trapping is not only a deep passion – it’s their job. And they risk their lives to do it. In temperatures that reach 40 below — where skin freezes, snowmobiles break down, daylight fades fast, thin ice looms and predators are a constant threat — one wrong move can cost you everything. Centuries ago, trapping and fur trading played a vital role in the expansion of North America’s western frontier and today, these fearless men and women are trying to uphold that legacy, living on the land — and off the grid. At peace in the great outdoors, they trap during the legally sanctioned season which, in Alaska and Yukon, runs just four to five months in the dead of winter. Deep in the bush, the pressure is on to get iron in the ground, catch fur and navigate the inhospitable terrain on the trap line — from deadly half-frozen rivers to brutal wind storms, from overcoming injury to avoiding a wolf pack. Miles from the nearest town, help is never close by. But these diehards are undeterred. They’ve spent their lifetime mastering the skills needed to survive and carve out a living in one of the most hostile places on earth. And they will protect their way of life at any cost. These are the Klondike Trappers.

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